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Users of banks report difficulties accessing their accounts for the "second time this week"

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US Bank experienced an outage Thursday morning.

Over 300 customers were struggling to access their online accounts, per Downdetector.

The majority of reported problems were associated with the online login, however, some customers experienced issues with mobile and online banking.

One customer shared on Downdetector: "My autopay has been wiped, and the bank isn't responding, won't let me pay it manually as well.'

Another wrote: "Second time this week I've had problems accessing my account. Today online it says they have issues on their end. Frustrating."

Reports began dropping at noon to under 50 customers experiencing issues with US Bank.

The US Sun has reached out to US Bank for comment.

Follow our US Bank live blog for the latest news and updates on the outage...

  • Reports drop

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    Less than 70 customers are still reporting outages with US Bank.

    The problems arose at 10:45 pm when over 300 customers reported issues accessing their online and mobile accounts, per Downdetector.

  • Give customer service a call

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    If you've troubleshooted your online and mobile banking and are still running into issues, you may have to contact customer service.

    You can speak to a US Bank representative at the numbers below:

    • Online banking support: 800-987-7237
    • Mobile banking support: 866-578-8007
  • Troubleshooting the mobile app

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    If you're having trouble using the US Bank mobile app, the following is recommended:

    • Log out and log back in.
    • Clear the cache and cookies.
    • Close the app, clear it from your background, and reopen
    • Update the app if needed
    • Uninstall, then reinstall it from your app store or text GET APP to 872265 to receive a download link.
  • Troubleshooting online banking


    If you're having trouble with your online banking account, US Bank recommends taking the following steps:

    • Log out, then log back in.
    • Type www.usbank.com into the address bar (don't select a favorite) and log in from there.
    • Clear the cache and cookies.
    • Close, then reopen the browser.
  • US Bank is aware of the outage

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    US Bank responded to a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) letting a customer know that the bank is aware of the issue.

    We’re aware of an outage currently impacting mobile/online banking. Teams are working quickly to address the issue & we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Customers with an urgent account need can call us @ 800-872-2657 There may be longer than usual wait times. ^lv

    — U.S. Bank (@AskUSBank) October 19, 2023
  • More customers take to Downdetector

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    Customers have been sharing their experience during the US Bank outages on Downdetector.

    One wrote: "I can't log into the computer or the app!!!"

    Another added: "Website not working but can access the mobile app..."

    A third shared: "Coudn't pay my bill online but the mobile app worked for me.

  • Major cities experiencing outages

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    Although there are many regions that are currently experiencing outages, the cities in red have the most reported problems.

    Outage map for US BankCredit: Downdetector
  • Tips on rebooting US Bank

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    If you're experiencing issues with US Bank, make sure your app and iOS are updated.

    If everything is up to date and your connection is secure, try powering down your device for five minutes.

  • Customers share experiences

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    Customers are sharing the issues they're experiencing with their US Bank accounts this morning on Downdetector.

    One comment read: "IT'S DOWN... can't get in through the app, nor online!!! Pop up says 'currently unavailable, it's a problem on our end'... well fix it!"

    Another wrote: "Logon box just turns into a spinning arrow in a red box. Can't do my banking."

    "Same here," replied a third.

  • Spike in outages occured at 9.30

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    Customers began having issues with their US Bank accounts at 9.30.

    Over 300 US Bank customers began having issues with their accounts this morningCredit: Downdetector
  • Customers aren't able to login

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    Most customers are experiencing issues with their login.

    US Bank is having issues with the login and mobile/online banking functionsCredit: Downdetector
  • US Bank is down

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    US Bank is currently experiencing an outage.

    Customers began reporting problems around 9.30, and reports have risen to over 300, per Downdetector,


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